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COMPLETED PROJECTS                              

Complex of Poland embassy in Sofia



Investor - Embassy of Poland in Bulgaria

Period of contract - 1993-1995

VIP hall of a building of President of Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2 Doundukov Blvd



Investor - Administration of the President of Republic of Bulgaria

Period of contract - 1999


Construction of a livestock market in Sevlievo under the PHARE agricultural program for Bulgaria



Investor - PHARE agricultural program for Bulgaria, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Agrarian Reform



Reconstruction and renovation of the Central Marketplace in Sofia


Investor - Sofia Municipality, Vazrajdane Region

Period of contract - 1996-2000



Reconstruction and renovation of the Warehouses – Morava v. , Pleven region


Investor - Head Department “State Reserve and War-time Stock” at the Council of Ministers

Period of contract - 1997




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