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LOZENETZ KONSULT is founded in 1988 by entirely private funds. During the period of activity, more than 20 years, we achieved the best results in many construction fields. Our united team finished about 120 building projects in Bulgaria and abroad. Between these projects are: Polish embassy residential building complex, more than 50 residential buildings, business buildings, hotels, sport and recreation buildings etc. Our philosophy is to offer real value to our clients and work with them to provide the optimum solutions. The huge collected experience and achievements in the field of building structures give us new opportunity to offer our partners competent experts and specialists. Expertís reports and expertís positions are between the new propositions and new services.



  • The Administration of President of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • The Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • A number of diplomatic missions in Sofia;
  • Ministries, state establishment;
  • Sofia Municipality and local government bodies;
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  • Banking and financial institutions;
  • Insurance and broker companies;
  • Representatives of PHARE for Bulgaria;
  • Regional Initiatives Found at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy;
  • Construction and investment companies from Germany, etc.
  • The city of Astrahan, Russia




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